Visio application hangs if code signed

Started by AndyW, February 14, 2012, 04:11:29 PM

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I have a Visio 2003 automation application that also uses Excel/Word 2003. Its been used on all flavours of Windows, Office and Visio versions. The Visio diagram is code signed, essentially it only contains code, is not visible and not saved by my users.

I now have a user on one site with 3 laptops with Visio 2007, Excel/Word 2003 running on both Win7 64bit and Win XP. When my application attempts to exit using ThisDocument.application.quit, it hangs up for several minutes until Windows finally kills it off. After changing code on my users site it appeared to work, but not as a consequence of changing code, but removal of the code signing!

Anyone come across anything like this. Obviously I can't distribute unsigned code as this would require macro security to be disabled, which my users wouldn't accept.

Note. as an experiment, even though my diagram file is not saved, I set the flag to indicate it had been saved. It still hung on exit, but not for as long.
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