Visio 2010 Automatic shape numbering not working as expected on some stencils

Started by Bobkat, November 01, 2010, 04:20:19 AM

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Hi I am a newbie, building a visio workbook to populate computer rack server details from an external database.
The simplest way to do this is to link the database records to the Shape number of each item in the rack on each page.
The format I am using is Data Centre-Rack Name-Shape Number e.g
DC2-L01-1, DC2-L01-2,,,,,,,DC2-L01-9 etc

Using the Visio add-on tools as I drag new items onto the page and into the rack I end up autonumbering as expected.

HOWEVER when I try to bring in some CISCO , HP and Brocade stencils which were down loaded from Visio Cafe it doesn't seem to want to add the shape number. However if I bring in other stencils like the Microsoft standard stencil set or the SUN stencils (Also downloaded from Visio Cafe) it works ok and immediately puts in the next shape number in the sequence DC2-L01-10

Has anyone seen this before or do you have a suggestion on what I can do to fix this??


I found the problem. The stencils from HP etc were line drawings.
As soon as I activated shape numbering for "lines" the problem disappeared!

This issue can be closed.

Thanks for those who looked at the problem for me.

Paul Herber

Quote from: on January 18, 2012, 04:09:40 PM
What r your steps to activate shape autonumbering?
In Visio 2010 - View -> Add-ons -> Visio Extras -> Number Shapes
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