Author Topic: Calling legacy add-on from Visio 2010 ribbon  (Read 4912 times)

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Calling legacy add-on from Visio 2010 ribbon
« on: July 07, 2010, 10:41:52 AM »
I've just updated to Visio 2010 and I need to customize the ribbon so that we get similar menu items to how things were in Visio 2003 & 2007.  Despite what the documentation says, Visio 2010 didn't seem to do a great job of "upgrading" our add-ons to the ribbon.  Some are shown on the Add-Ins menu, some are in View/Add-Ons, but even then the long list on the sub-menu is only a subset of them all - I have to select Run Add-On to get the full list and it's not very user friendly!

Anyway, googling for help & advice led me here...

Currently, the UI (menu & toolbar) is customised using a Custom User Interface file (.vsu) and the add-on code is all in a Visio Library (.vsl) and is written in C++.  I want to be able to create tabs & groups so that I can call each add-on via its own button or command.  Using the .vsu file, I could specify to call the add-on by name, but I'm not sure how I can do this using the options available for the new Ribbon. 

Is there a simple way to do this without resorting to re-writing a load of stuff?  Thanks for your help!