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Visio 2010 Solution Publishing Tool Problems
« on: July 06, 2010, 10:21:22 AM »
I downloaded the Visio 2010 SDK so I could update some published Stencils and Templates for Visio 2010....  I previously had them published under 2007, so I'm somewhat familiar with the tools (though development isn't my full time job)...  I've got two problems with the new Solution Publishing tool...

First:  I've got a MSI file create with another package that I'm loading into the Solution Publishing tool.  The MSI has an empty PublishComponents table for starters...  If I choose to publish the Stencil or Template using the "2003 or later" checkbox (under Stencil Information or Template Information dialog boxes, respectively)...  Neither the Stencils or Templates show up in Visio 2010.  However, if I choose "Visio 2010 only" as the option, then the stencil or template is then available in Visio 2010...  I'm fine with selecting the 2010 only option, as I don't expect to need to update the stencils to work with previous versions in the future, except....

Second: I've got about a dozen stencil groups, and half dozen Templates to publish... Within the Solution Publishing Tool, in the Template / Stencil Info window, if I check the "Visio 2010 Only" option on any of the items to publish then I cannot check it on subsequent items.

To reproduce the issue:

I open my MSI with the stencils and templates I want to publish...  Double click the first item in the list (or right click and choose Edit Row, doesn't matter)...   I uncheck "Visio 2003 or later" for the first item, the "Visio 2007 only" and "Visio 2010 only" checkboxes become available.  I select "Visio 2010 only" and then fill in the appropriate menu path and Click OK. Then when I open the next item to publish, and uncheck "Visio 2003 or later", neither the 2007 or 2010 checkboxes are available (they are greyed out and cannot be checked).  From that point, I can never get the 2007 or 2010 checkboxes to be active for any item in the list.  Changing the LCID, Visio edition, does not appear to have an effect on the problem.

I'm running the Solution Publishing Tool on Win7 Enterprise...  I've tried running both with and without Administrative rights and there's no difference in the behaviour.  I am not publishing any Add-ons or Help Files with the Sol Pub Tool, only stencils and templates.

Can anyone else reproduce this issue?  Can anyone recommend another way to properly get the Stencils and templates published so I can make them available (nicely) in Visio 2010?  Also, can someone point me to the proper documentation for the updated ComponentID's for Visio 2010 for the PublishComponent table?  I can't seem to find the updated info for Visio 2010 on the net or within the docs that came with the Visio SDK.


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Re: Visio 2010 Solution Publishing Tool Problems
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2010, 12:44:39 AM »
Hi there,

You can try to "fix" the problem with disabled "Visio 2010" checkbox in the publishing tool as following (this sequence worksforme):

- Check "Visio 2003 or later"
- Check "All LCIDs"
- Uncheck "All LCIDs"
- Uncheck "Visio 2003 or later"
- Check "Visio 2010"
- Check "All LCIDs"

I suppose you have already seen the MSDN article for 2003 and 2007:

I think to publish solution for 2010 only, the guids are:

template: {6D9D8B6F-D0EF-4BC0-8DD4-09DD6CE2B100}
stencil: {6D9D8B6F-D0EF-4BC0-8DD4-09DD6CE2B101}

NB: For me, both "Visio 2003 and later" and "Visio 2010 only" options seem to work perfectly with Visio 2010.
Maybe you have some issue with x64 Visio vs x32 installer, or visa versa.

Alternatively, you might want to consider throwing away Visual Studio Setup Project along with this bloody publishing tool, and moving to WiX to unleash the power of windows installer.
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