Odd issue when importing times from excel to Visio 2007

Started by jimdangereux, June 17, 2010, 02:35:36 PM

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Hi all,

I'm rather new to visio, and come across something which is causing me great consternation. I'm thinking this isn't me, and may be an actual bug with visio, but I haven't found any evidence of anyone else having come across it. Basically, I've imported a big load of times from a spreadsheet so that I can use these to populate a rudimentary self created timeline for a workflow. The issue I'm having is that any time I import that is 12:00:00 (or 12:00:01, etc), visio displays it as 00:05:00. I am absolutely stumped by this. The time is formatted in the spreadsheet as {{hh:mm:ss}} and seems to be 24 hour. Does anyone have any idea what's going here? If you require any other information that I've missed out, please ask! This is driving me insane!


Hi dangerous Jim,
QuoteThis is driving me insane!
We don't want you to run amok. Best send both excel and vsd and let us run amok ;).

Cheers - or shall I say salut?