Link Excel Cell data to a Text box in visio

Started by Mcondetwc, July 01, 2008, 11:54:50 AM

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Ok Visio Guy,

I got a real questions for you.  First I will tell you my set up.

I am running Window XP, with MS office 2007
I have Visio 2007 and Excel 2007

I have an excel doc, that i have imported a Visio diaigram in to.

What I wanna do is use the data from excel sheet 1 and add it to the visio diagram on sheet 2.

Can you help me out?



Quote from: Mcondetwc on July 01, 2008, 11:54:50 AM
I have an excel doc, that i have imported a Visio diaigram in to.
You imported your Visio into Excel ?

There is no link between the files, Excel is showing a preview of your Visio file, and has some options for you to get to the Visio file easier. But there is no real link between them. Changing the Visio file wont change the Visio file in the Excel document.

That said, does the Visio file have to be in your Excel? why not have them as two separate documents?
Using Visio's build in data linking options you can easily have the Visio document show data, or respond (show shapes, hide shapes for example) depending on the excel data. Changes made in the Excel file will update when you tell Visio to recheck the data in the file.

But again, just to be clear, your Visio diagram is not actually in Excel so there is no way it will work as if its an excel file, its more like a JPG with a link to your Visio drawing.

- Lars