Picasa like picture options (Work in progress)

Started by Lars-Erik, July 01, 2008, 12:56:47 PM

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After using Picasa for a while I replaced it with a far more powerfull tool, Adobe Lightroom. Though having everything Picasa has and way more, it lacks one feature. It cant create collages of your pictures as nice as Picasa did. So Picasa stayed on my computer for a long time.
Picasa though also lacks options on this feature, after creating a collage, you cannot edit it. The layout and what pictures are on top are randomly generated and so, getting the right layout can take loads of random generations to come close to what you want.

Visio, being able to move and order shapes very nicely can do this better. So why not make it possible to randomly create a nice collage.

Because I had some spare time, I started working.

Options included in the release:
- Randomly generate locations and angles for pictures (limited angles so you dont get upside down pictures)

PS: Use the menu; Picture stack-> Randomize
- Easy to use menu
- Swappable background
- Swappable page size (Pictures will arrange accordingly)

Things I'm working on:
- Add pictures (duh!, now your stuck with Jessica Biel, could do far worse I suppose)
- Add maps of pictures

I'm doing this for fun, and cause I think Visio should be able to do this better then Picasa can.
I suppose you should download this if your either interested about the feature, the code, generaly interested or interested in Jessica Biel  :o

- Lars

PS. use the menu to create a collage, picture stack - > Randomize

Visio Guy

This is fun!


- Somebody did something about a color picker in this forum, didn't they?
- Change sizes?
- Hyperlink to folder containing original photo?
- Color menu is spelled "collor" :)
- Background
- Cross-sheet references to make background page size same as foreground (formulas, not code)

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- Think someone did ya, I'll look into it
- They can be changed, just aspect ratio is locked. Or do you mean change all shapes using code?
- Hyperlink, might be nice ya
- Woops, I'll change that
- I changed to background so its now seen as one by theme's etc.
- Changing the shape i had to an official "Background" also fixed the size etc(So Visio page settings and the menu will both work, neither will break functionality of each other) The code just sets the page size, and print settings.