Automotive Shapes?

Started by dot, May 16, 2010, 04:59:58 AM

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Has anyone seen a template or shape for automotive type electrical components? I need to do an electrical schematic for a vehicle and even the commercial shapes and templates I have found don't seem to include automotive style components.



Paul Herber

Hi Dot, maybe you saw my electrical shapes (Sandrila Ltd). I'd love to add some shapes for automotive (and aviation etc) electrical diagrams. Can you point me to where I might find these shapes?
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You do realize, that there is a strong possibility that there may not be a universal symbol for the automotive market place.  And, I don't there is a commonality among U.S. car makers.

Perhaps a good source would be an after-market publication that addresses various car models.  Might more of a universal symbol thru out a given publishers domain.

Here's a link, though:

Visio 2019 Pro


Here are some examples.

These are in a package that is a competitor of Visio. I d/l their demo and their symbols are mostly like what I need, although incomplete. But the drawing in the program isn't as good for a number of reasons as Visio, not the least of which is the connecting lines and so here I am.

another example:

I realize these aren't universal, but if there were just shapes for things like injectors, batteries, spark plugs etc that would be great.


Paul Herber

Ok, thanks. I shall take a look at what can be done.
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -


Is this the type of shape group you were searching


Yes. Thats a good start. There are quite a few missing though.