Saving Stencils from Examples downloaded from Visio Guy

Started by PorkPie, May 11, 2010, 03:35:53 PM

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Hey all,

This has probably been answered before but gfor the life of me I cant find it.

I have downloaded a couple of the very good add-ins from the site (Circle-text Title Shape.vsd and Marketing Pyramids.vsd) but want these as stencils in my platform.

Usual way would be to right clik and save as but this doesn't seem to work.  Anyone know how to do it?

I use Visio 2007 on XP.

Cheers in anticipation.


I have downloaded "circle-text-title-shape (115 KB)" at
And unziped to "Circle-text Title Shape.vsd".
This is a Visio drawing, but not stencil.
Do you wish to change a drawing to a stencil?
Best Regards,

Junichi Yoda


Quote from: PorkPie on May 11, 2010, 03:35:53 PM
Usual way would be to right clik and save as but this doesn't seem to work.

How about opening the vsd, then file/save as/vst?


Could it be that your are having trouble downloading from Visguy's homepage? You need to register/sign in.


Thanks Chaps.

Not answered directly but a seed was sown and by opening the vsd provided by Visio Guy, saved it as a vss and hey presto, I get the stencil used in the vsd and not 'page', which I can use more effectively in other vsd's.

Thanks again.

Visio Guy

When you save a VSD as a VSS (stencil), the drawing page is still there with all of the "junk" of the drawing page. So you have a stencil with one or two shapes, and a hidden page full of instructions, etc.

To make a proper stencil, open a COPY of the vsd. Delete all of the pages, perhaps via View > Drawing Explorer, since there is usually a hidden background page. Or just right-click on the page tab and choose Delete.

Now you can save it as a stencil, with much less waste.
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