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Started by Milton, June 27, 2008, 07:18:29 PM

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Hi All,

Was wondering if upon opening a visio 2003 document can it be set to load in full screen mode? I want 100 shop workers to be able to open it, view it, use the hyperlinks and jump from page to page and thats it. The more stripped down the better, user interface ease is key. I tried to have it load in the regular screen but couldn't seem to find out how to prevent shapes and template help from popping up. I know how to get rid of them, but upon saveing and reopening they always come back.

Also, how do I stop the "cross functional flowchart" popup from - popping up everytime I open the workbook?

(A little background to maybe keep in mind, I have no programming experience and am new to visio. I quickly tried to run the view size macro from a previous post on here (another issue i will have) and couldn't get it to run....)

Thanks in advance!!!


Visio Guy

Hi Milton,

You might try the Save As Web feature (under the File menu) instead of having the workers use full-blown Visio.

The drawing creator gets to "own" the drawing, then exports a web page of the drawing. The hyperlinks will still work, but the viewers can't mess with it!
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If you insist on having Visio do it, VBA can do it by making visio go full screen on document load.
Macro protection will prevent this for some users though so not a clean solution.

Visio does save the last view when saving a document, cant save when in full screen.
I tried using a macro so go full screen then save, macro works, file isn't saved in full screen mode though.
Or at least wont open in full screen.

Visio does save the screen settings like zoom etc somewhere, because it opens exactly as saved. Must be posible to edit somewhere right?
Lets find out :P I'll keep my eyes peeled for an answer!

- Lars


Ok, will give the save as web a shot. I think i'll be steering away from vba for now - timing, learning curve.

Thanks for the input!!


I usually save as a PDF - most prople have Acrobat Viewer nowdays.  Never tried the web feature.