Author Topic: Exporting Details from Cross Functional Process Flow into Excel  (Read 7833 times)

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i am sure there is a way to do this jut need some guidance.

I have built out some pretty robust process flows for a client that cover
cross functional steps in a series of processes. I have the same standard
swimlanes across the flows (5 lanes) and for each process have mapped out the
key steps, handoffs, approvals, etc... and placed them in the appropriate
swimlane for "ownership" of that step.

What I am trying to do via export, rather than have to manually type, is
create a matrix that can show me across all of the flows what step is in
which swimlane. If i have to do some manipluation after export that is fine,
i have only thus far been able to export everything but that just leaves me
with the raw data. I still have to cut/paste, and move around information.

I am trying to get to something that has the swimlanes across the top and
the listing of the process steps along the left side and a "check" or "X" in
the corresponding swimlanes. Worst case, if i could export the data and have
a listing of the step and the swimlane it resides in, i could at least do a
data sort.

All i have been able to get so far is just a listing of every shape on each
flow, the shape ID, comments, and other data points.  Process flows make use of Divided process box which lists the process step number.  when I run a standard report this data is not exported so i have to still add this in.

Is what i am trying to achieve even possible? I am using Visio 2003 and
have Excel 2007.

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.



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Re: Exporting Details from Cross Functional Process Flow into Excel
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2010, 07:31:02 AM »
Ok, so as of this morning a few people have looked at this, I have uploaded this example to see if it helps.  What I am trying to accomplish is getting the information out of the process flow boxes into a report format that would look something like this:

Process step # (From top portion of divided box), Process step details (from lower portion of divided box), Process step owner (from swim-lane box resides in)

Is this possible?  the other option i guess would be to go back to all 150+ process flows and build in the custom data for each shape but that is not an attractive option.  Would the "Super smart divided box shape" be able to accommodate the export of data any better? 

Thanks again for help, options, suggestions