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Started by Zarkon41, April 14, 2010, 05:04:19 PM

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I been looking everywhere and did not find how can I do the following: Basically, I have a rack network diagram for my Datacenter. I have added the servers info in the Datasheet, so we can find the location of any servers within the diagram. My problem is I would like the shape server in the drawing get highlighted or change color when performing the search (or when I left single click with the mouse) so it will be easier to pinpoint it in the drawing. Is there a way to perform this using the ShapeSheet or coding?

Its hard to believed there is no easy way to perform this with Visio 2007.

Thank you for any help      


consider :

tools=>options=>General (set zoom on roll of intellimouse, center selection on zoom)

edit=>find - enter the data you want to select on, and check the fields to search, select find next

if the selection data is on the page, the shape will be selected. by closing the dialog and scrolling the mouse wheel you should zoom onto the selected shape.


Thank you for the suggestion Aledlund, but some people in my team are using laptop without mice therefore, they do not have the scroll ability. I was looking for more a graphical sollution.




Zarkon, you bad boy ;),
in how many categories will you post the same question?


fair enough, the procedure still finds the shape and selects it on the page.



To find the shape in the page is not the issue. The issue its once I find the shape, I need the shape to be highlight it automatically. The only thing happen, is the handle will be there on the found shape, but it is not obvious to see them when I have 20 shapes servers per rack and 15 racks in my diagram.

But thank for your suggestion anyway :)



Just this one and the Shapes and Template one  8)


could do it with VBA.

Create a crosshair it so as not get it confused with server shapes
make it on top of all other shapes (programatically or via docmd in shape sheet - aka on drop, docmd (xxxx) to make it front)
As you walk thru the selection of shapes, set the cross hair shape pinx piny to that of the server you are iterating on.
You will probably have to pause during each iteration so that user sees the cross hair move.

Dont think you could it via shapesheet unless you do something like this

add cmd props to page (need to make this a template now)
make a cmd prop the search criteria....aka name of shape or some custom property.
In each server add a user cell that contains the info name of the shape...aka server name
In each server, add a user cell with something like if(thepage! =, 1, 0)
in the fillforeground (or similar)....something like guard(if user.match=1,red, gray).

So user would need to call the custom props of page....set search index....and server with a match turns red.


Thank you Vojo for the suggestion. Would you happen to have a sample of the VBA code to implement the sollution please? Sorry but I am very newbie with VBA.




you do realise it's perfectly possible to scroll / zoom in/out without a mouse on a laptop?

all they need to do is hold down ctrl + swipe their finger up/down on the very right side of their touchpad. i'm working on my laptop and just tried it out to be certain.