Collapsible shapes?

Started by allmhuran, March 30, 2010, 08:13:10 PM

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vojo important trick I vaguely had something to do with hiding a subshape and for some reason geometry.noshow was not viable.
I ended up changing the width/height of the subshape (based on some group settings) to 0mm/0mm.    This effectively hid the shape.

Dont recall why geometry.noshow was not viable...but do remember spending a week trying to figure out how hide the shape given that
I concluded noshow would not work for exactly what I was after.

You may never need this trick...but just in case.

Also...note visio treats 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 and 0 as two different things when doing shape ops.
former will also be well behaved....later if not handled properly can "crash" the shape.


Felt so guilty :(, that I had to set up an extra Visio session.  ;)
Puh, it's done, that was shapesheet hardcore and I want to go to bed now.
Hope that is close to what you need. Play with the right mouse button, the shape sheets and the drawing explorer.

Still you have a long way to go. If you have difficulties to get through it, let me know
ps: Updated the attachments. Does anyone of you guys know how I can get the ID of the shape, my shape is nested in, without VBA - just with shapesheet formulas?
pps: found the answer here:
QuoteThe problem is that you can't pick this up automatically. A human, or code, has to enter the Sheet.5 part. There is not "Parent!" identifier, unfortunately. We've been asking for it for years...
Still, is there a way I can get the formula of a cell as *string*?. This would allow to extract the parent. I know I asked this already, but I'm still hoping... :-\


Wow, looks like I've dived right into it here. Then again, I never liked doing things that were easy anyway. All this help is fantastic, thanks!


user.full_shape_name = name()
user.id_num_of_shape = id()

Before you try to get to slick with can NOT do something like this
setf(getref(user.full_shape_name + "user.importantcellofchild), 1)

I.e no text string can be used as shape or cell pointers.

Now you can try to do alot cell manipulation (and if think visio is arcane now....this will take you into entirely new dimensions of arcane)
can kludge up something....although such a method is not really all that flexible and takes liberties with the visio DB requirements.
(ie such a kludge is not guarenteed to will see what I mean if you really want to feel this pain.....though I have done it and never seen it crash the visio DB or come back with bad values).

good luck