Edit Shape?

Started by David_H, March 14, 2010, 11:21:24 AM

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I can't even remember how I used to edit a shape in 2007 as I did it so automatically.  But basically after I opened a shape to edit it, I would "select all" and then Edit>Open "Shape Name" or something like that.  But with 2010 I can only get as far as right clicking on the shape in the shape window and clicking Edit Master>Edit Master Shape.  Which opens the shape.  Now how the heck do I get from there to where I could get in Visio 2007, when I would select all>edit> open shape name or something like that and actually be able to make changes to it.  All I want to do is edit some text and lines, Not the icon image.



After searching for at least an hour I found it!  It is now called "Edit Object" and it is not a command on any of the ribbons, so you will have to add it if you want to access it.