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Started by Paul Herber, March 12, 2010, 01:19:17 AM

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Paul Herber

Anyone who sells Visio stencils will often need to do a screen dump of a stencil, even those of us who write manuals and instruction booklets may need to include a picture or two of a stencil. I've never had a problem doing this, I open a blank Visio document, open the appropriate stencil, resize the stencil width as required, either use a graphics editor to capture the window or use the Print Screen key and paste that into a graphics editor, crop a bit maybe, save as a suitable file name, and Robert is your father's brother, as the saying goes. Simple, until Visio 2010 came along.

1. When opening any of my own stencils an area of the stencil called "Drag Quick Shapes here" is shown. WTF does that come from and how do I get rid of it? It only appears to be shown on non-Microsoft stencils, are quick shapes not allowed to take precedence over these but can over other people's stencils?

2. Where has the Colours dialog gone? Menu Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Color Settings used to bring up a dialog where you could set colors for the drawing window, stencil window etc. All I can find now is a Color scheme setting in the ribbon File -> Options -> General, with options of Blue, Silver or Black, nothing seems to affect the stencil window.
Why is this important? Well, if you look at many websites you'll see the very recognisable Visio stencil window, the blue header and the green background, with Visio 2007 we had the new scheme with a two-tone blue stencil background - fine. Importantly, the outline of the stencil is visible, the colour shows the extent of the stencil.
Visio 2010 - we have a white stencil background - no options to change it - any screendump of a stencil as an image for a book or webpage is just going to disappear into the page - these need some colour differentiation.

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