Why Buy Visio 2010?

Started by Kalven, December 29, 2010, 07:41:20 AM

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I have Visio 2007 in my computer and it is working fine. But I had come across many forums where every is of opinion that one should upgrade Visio and go for Visio 2010. The thing I am not able to understand is why will someone opt for Visio 2010 if they are happy with previous version. What is new about Visio 2010?

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Hi Kalven,

What do you use Visio for? Which diagrams do you create most often?
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There are many reason for you to opt for upgraded version. It is like whenever a new version of software is available then it has some thing new in it. Same is with Visio. Latest version of Visio i.e.Visio 2010 has many new features in it which were not available in previous versions like:
1. Live Preview
2. Auto align & space
3. Containers - It helps to keep large diagrams organized and understandable
4. Quick shapes stencils
5. SharePoint Workflow template
6. Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) Template
7. Six Sigma template
8. Share a diagram in a browser
and many more.
These are some of the new features in Visio 2010. If you want, you can opt for Visio Trial which comes for FREE 60 days evaluation and check it out how useful the new version will be for you.


Oh, and let's not forget . . .  The RIBBON . . .  new user interface.

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