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Started by JohnS_323, June 17, 2008, 03:40:47 PM

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Hi all,

I'm new to this board, so please excuse me if this has already been asked or if this post is in the wrong forum (mod's feel free to move it where ever it belongs!).

I'm working on a drawing that I plan to publish on the web.  It's basically a floor plan for a trade show we're running.  What I'd like to be able to do is have a vendor's banner pop up whenever a user hovers over their space on the floor plan.  Ideally, they'd then be able to click that banner and be directed to the vendor's web site.

I've tried searching this forum and doing Google searches but can't seem to nail down the wording for the search criteria to get me what I'm looking for.  Any insight as to whether or not this is possible with Visio, and if so, where to start would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,


Visio Guy

Hi John,

There's something that might help you over on the companion site to this forum  (Visio Guy)

The download in this article:

Customized Visio HTML Export

uses some VBA code to do exactly what you want. But it was done years ago as a quick demo, so it is a bit of a hack. The pop-up is pretty old and could use some work. If you are an html guy, you might be able to get into the VBA and make a better pop-up.

There are no options built-in to Visio's own Save As Web features for doing exactly what you need. You'd either have to hack the output html from Visio, or modify the download in the article I gave you.
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Thanks a lot.  I'll check it out and see what I can do with it.  I appreciate the response.