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Started by BejeweledOne, January 26, 2010, 04:42:56 PM

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I am using Visio 2007 and am struggling with creating a new shape using an existing shape.

I create my new master and pull the existing shape into the drawing window.  This by the way is one of Visio's included standard server shapes (not rackmount). 

I ungroup it, recolor the pieces, add a new piece and then regroup.  I don't get any errors during creation or udpdate.  The problem comes in after the stencil is saved.

Once it is saved, I then go back to edit it and open the shape sheet.  I edit the text control, text transform and user fields to make the text box open on double-click below the image.  I set the shape behavior to edit the text on double click.  I update the shape and then save the stencil.  There are 2 issues.

When I add the image to a diagram and double click it, it behaves as if the individual elements are not grouped and 'select's' the element where I double-clicked.  It allows me to move individual pieces of the shape as if I were editing it. 

I even did a screen shot of the shape sheet for the original shape that I am editing and made sure the text control sections and other relevant sections were set identically.

The second problem is that when I update the shape sheet and update the master shape and save it, the next time I look at the shape sheet, my changes have disappeared.


Paul Herber

Doing the ungrouping is where it would have all gone wrong initially. The group had settings and properties that you lost when doing the ungroup.
Start again but instead of ungrouping the shape have a look at the shape in the document explorer (on the View menu). This will show you the shape's parts, you can select a shape within the explorer and still use the menus etc to you your colour fill and stuff. You can also add a new shape, select the original shape + the new bit and use the menu Group -> add to group.
Now you shouldn't have the text problems as you will retain the group text settings from the original shape. Similarly with the shape appearing to be ungrouped, that is also a problem you created by doing the ungroup.

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So I am a bit confused here.  If I put my stencil in edit mode and then edit my master shape, I can use the master explorer window and change the pieces that I need.  Then I update my shape, save and close the stencil.  Reopen it and it appears that the shape has been successfully changed, however when I add it to my drawing, it has the newly grouped item, but the color is back to the original.  If I reopen the stencil and edit the shape again, it looks like it was successfully changed.

I am sure I am missing something here.

Visio Guy

Any chance you've changed the Theme in the target drawing?
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I don't think so.  I think it is more a case of understanding what I am looking at and making the modifications in the correct place.  I need to make sure that the steps I am taking are correct.

I put the stencil in edit mode, select the master shape and select edit master.  Then I view the master explorer window.  It seems the only way that I can edit it is to go into 'styles' and find the appropriate pieces there and edit them, but I am not sure that is the correct way.


dont know where your problem is at....but

I do this all the time....EXCEPT I dont edit in master explorer window (at least what I think you are calling master explorer window)....I edit the master shape directly
(stencil in edit...right click shape...edit shape...edit masterr shape.   This launches a new window with the shape in it. 
From there I make changes the click asks me do I want to update master...say yes...all is well).

right or wrong...I tend to do this to fairly complex groups (50+ sub shapes in the groups) with some sophisticated behaviors (shading and light source controls).
Have not had a problem so far (5+ years).

You do realize that when you drag a shape onto a page, it actually copies it to the document stencil.   Perhaps it checks the name (assuming you dont have the indexing on) and
figures its the same shape already in doc stencil and uses that.   Unlikely that is your problme...but a thought.