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Started by wapperdude, June 12, 2008, 02:37:33 PM

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Unless I've missed something, I don't believe there is the ability to set User preferred Visio start-up configuration for line width, font, font color, fill pattern, etc.  I think most users have a "developed" style and it would be nice to pre-set Visio to such a configuration.  For example, someone might like Comic Sans as their default font, in blue, with 12pt sizing.
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A topic on how to change the defaults, though not a way to do this, it is a start on where you might look for the options...

I wonder if someone will reveal the registry's secrets to us :P

- Lars

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The standard answer for this has always been: "Make your own template, and start with that." The thinking at Visio was that end-users would always be starting with a template specific to their discipline. Org charts for HR people, UML diagrams for coders, flowcharts for accountants, etc.

What they didn't foresee is that lots of us just start with the blank drawing, start adding rectangles and ellipses, then add smart shapes later.

That New button is so darn convenient, but it's hard to get your own template hooked into the system.

And Word has had for ages, people expect that sort of thing in every document-creating application.
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