2131 error when trying to open file

Started by mav, December 19, 2009, 05:41:33 AM

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Anyone ever gotten a 2131 error message when trying to open a Visio file?  It looks like the file got somehow corrupted since I saved it just last night - I've Googled all around the web for recover solutions - no luck. (I've looked for a older version to undelete, no luck)  It looks like there is no recovery function and this one's just plain gone (although the file is still there - just won't open). :'(


Here the same problem  :-[

Who can help me?  :-\

Visio Guy

Hi U,

Pretty hard to answer your question, unless somebody happens to be an expert at error number 2131.

Sometimes you can find temp files from the auto-save, or some sort of system utility that can help out. I used to have some version of Norton Utilities installed that kept several versions of every document I saved. This was great when files got corrupted.

I *swear* I've also looked for temp copies, possibly created by auto-save or auto-recover, and been able to get my drawing back, at least partially, but I can't remember the details of what I did.
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