Author Topic: Controlling shape position (Y) on a timeline through shape data entry  (Read 2781 times)

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Hi, all - sorry if that question is trivial or redundant, but I am trying to solve an issue with a sheet I created 6 years ago. I have been searching the internet for some days now but couldnt find the initial website which helped me back then.

So a few years back I created a visio timeline and the milestones contain data I feed from an excel sheet. I remember that the shape was kinda custum build and it contains a data line which was named FRow and it basically controls the "height" or y-position of the milestone relative to the timeline. When I copy the shape data on a regular milestone (for example I want to use interval shapes now) the FRow control does not work. But even though I had only early saves left, I managed to play around that the custom milesstones are working.

Now I haven`t been using Visio for a long time, and never was an expert to beginn with. But maybe someone knows what I am talking about - or even remembers the website which had the tutorial to create that.

In any case, thanks for your time and help!

Found a solution - can`t delete the thread though it seems. If a moderator would be so kind. :)

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