SOS . Agilepoint Visio Problem

Started by alaminfad, October 22, 2009, 07:10:40 AM

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hello  all
  when made  some changes i tried  to save em back to server  i.e  FILE >UPDATE SERVER >CREATE OR CHECKIN..ETC  then  i correctly typed in the server domain ,username and password this error message poped


what  is  that  suppose to  mean ,could some1 help please ,and if you  are  good in agilepoint visio tools
please send me your messanger email ,so  i would chat my  visio problems with you ,i  would really appreciate  it

thx ALL

Paul Herber

You probably need to ask the authors of AgilePoint, however, HTTP error 503:
Basically, try again later.

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Visio Guy

Hi Alaminfad,

I removed your duplicate post on the other board.

You aren't getting many answers here, because your question doesn't seem specific to Visio, but rather web-related or Agile-related.

Good luck,

- Chris
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