Add text to the bottom of a line in Visio 2003?

Started by rockycj, October 22, 2009, 05:08:40 PM

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I'm fairly new to Visio 2003.  Is there a way to add text to the bottom of a line?
I can get text to go above the line but not below the line.

Can anyone help me out?
Thank you.



There are two ways to do this, directly in the drawing or via shapesheet.
  1.)  Open the shapesheet for the line.
  2.)  Scroll to the Text Transform section.  If not present, right click in the window, select insert section, and chose Text Transform
  3.)  In the TxPinY cell, enter the formula:  -1*Char.size.   This works fine for single lines of text.  The "1" may be replaced with any value you desire.  Alternatively, you can use TxtHeight, or a fixed value offset.  With a fixed offset, you might want to set the TxtLocPinY cell to TxtHeight*1.  That will force the text to drop below the fixed reference point.

  1.)  Choose the Text Block tool.  It's one of the Text tool options.
  2.)  Grab the text and expand vertically so you can see all of the text box control handles.
  3.)  Grab the bottom handle and drag below the line.  Now, either change the vertical justificaiton or
  4.)  Grab the upper handle and drag down to the line or below it.

Text should now show below the line.


PS Edit:  11/22/09:  Well, even easier.  Choose the Text Block tool and set the Vertical justification to the Top.  Not necessary to grab and  move Text Block handles.
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Somewhat related is this article by VisioGuy.  It talks about default text position for various shape types, and provides a macro to move the text to below the shape.
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