15 ruled column limit?

Started by misscrf, September 14, 2009, 01:55:14 PM

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I am creating a database model, before we build the database.  This means that I cannot have Visio build this for me.  I am using column shapes with connectors and just setting everything up.

It has been going fine, but I have 1 issue.  I searched for table and then for column.  A shape called 15 ruled column is what I found.  This works fine unless I have a table with more than 15 columns.  Then it doesn't frame my field list after that.

Any suggestions out there?  I am frustrate that I can't find another shape, change this one to work or something.  I have so much of this done, but it looks yucky to have the few tables that have more than 15 columns have field names hanging off the end of the shape and not bordered like the rest of the shape.

Has anyone had this issue?  Can anyone please help me?  I am so excited to finish this, and this one issue is stumping me.