Ribbon tab for visio14 at visio document level rather than application level

Started by Aravind, August 27, 2009, 12:40:50 PM

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Quote from: Aravind on August 31, 2009, 07:14:56 AM
Thanks but still I'm facing problem. I'm not getting the RegisterRibbonX() method at all. Can you explain me where this has to handled? Moreover when i'm trying to create ribbon designer
public partial class Ribbon1 : OfficeRibbon

I'm not seeing IRibbonExtensibility implemented. I'm sure that you can help out in explaining me out where I'm getting out of track since I'm new to this office add-ons development. ::)

If you don't see IRibbonExtensibility then I believe you forgot to add a reference to the new Office 14 library.
The same goes for the RegisterRibbonX - you shall add a reference to the new Visio 14 library.

AFAIK Visio 2010 ribbon is not supported by Visual Studio directly yet, so if you are just starting with Visio development, you'd better wait for the official release. For now, there are some obstacles like that, and AFAIU the TR or Beta2 releases are basically for those who are interested in evaluating and testing new features in Visio 2010...

Means, if you don't like to "rip teddy bears" :) then
I'd suggest you to wait until Visio 2010 and Visual Studio Tools for Office 2010 and all the documentation are released.

Kind regards, Nikolay.


Yes now after adding reference to visio14 dll i'm getting the RegisterRibbonX() method. Thanks all.