Shape is aligning with a wall upon snapping

Started by bryan, August 06, 2009, 10:26:50 PM

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Hello!  I'm a frustrated Visio newbie!

The answer to this question is likely right under my nose, but I cannot figure this out for the life of me. PLEASE help!  >:(

I want to slide the double door seen in the following picture directly down to line up with the image that I'm tracing (slightly transparent in this image).

Unfortunately when I do this, it automatically rotates the door to align itself with the direction of the wall as seen here:

How can prevent this from happening so that I may snap the door directly downwards so that it aligns with the walls on either side (already drawn)?

THANKS in advance!


OH that poor double door!!!   :'(    It can't figure out which wall to snap to!   ;D

Without having tried this, my guess would be, add another wall spanning the openning, then snap the door to that wall.

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I don't know if I wanted to read THAT answer!  TOO EASY! 

Thank you!!!  ;D ;D