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Started by Splax, July 29, 2009, 10:56:54 AM

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Hello!! Prompt please, such situation, by pressing a figure, containing the list of hyperlinks, opens a window with the given hyperlinks, which in an accessible format.(Pic.1)
And on other figure they open in extended on vertical a window, and not always all hyperlinks are displayed, the part can leave for monitor edges. (Pic.2)
Whether probably to adjust the sizes of a window of display of hyperlinks, or can be to add a strip of scrolling for hyperlinks.
Help, thanks before.


I have visio a scheme. On it blocks are located, by pressing them the list of hyperlinks opens.
The problem in that on one block all hyperlinks are read, and on other a window with hyperlinks opens, but has the stretched appearance.
Whether probably to set the sizes of an opening window with hyperlinks or to make something else?


Maybe somebody can will prompt how step by step to make.
At on click on shape, the list of hyperlinks opened in the left part under a scheme map.


Hi there.

Unfortunately from your post it is not clear what is the system/diagram you are working with... I guess it is not a plain Visio drawing, is it? Probably you are working with some custom/specialized Visio solution provided to you by some company? - In this case it might be a good idea to contact their technical support.

If this is not the case then you can consider (e.g.) posting your drawing here... I mean, not the screenshots, but the original visio file...

Kind regards, Nikolay.

Paul Herber

Could you post the actual document here? (at least the 2 pages you show)

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It looks to me like he has posted a screenshot of the Save as Web export of some document, and he's having issues with the format of multiple hyperlinks flying off the page.

I would questions the use/convenience/usability of so many, long hyperlinks.
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