Gannt Charts Percent Complete Bars

Started by Bhoys, July 24, 2009, 12:40:27 PM

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Hi all

As a newbie I suppose I am allowed to ask the dumb questions. I am using Visio 2007 Pro and working on a  project for a company that receives project progress reports  from a third party in Excel spreadsheet. The usual information is available start, finish times that can be displayed on the Gantt chart shape by linking to data; however the problem I have is the Percent Complete is not being picked up or displayed on the Gantt bar. If I enter this manually into the shape data field it sometimes displays a different coloured bar that shows progress.

Is there any way for this progress bar to be shown in a normal Gantt bar and linked to the external data in the imported into Visio. A lot of head scratching but no success any ideas ??