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Started by CJ_Reed, June 25, 2009, 06:17:01 PM

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Hi There,

A while back I had a set of stencils for isometric sitemap design - by a guy called Paul Van Dijk.

I think that he's re-done his site and the shapes don't seem to be there anymore. Does anyone have any information on whether these are available anywhere?

Hugely grateful for any guidance folks here might have.

Many Thanks,


I had a look around the www and have seen some examples which I believe can be created using the isometric stencils from Yoda

you may have to make some shape additions yourself to accomadate your design but it is possible to achieve an acceptable effect, it's just a case of trial and error until you acheive your goal.



I have put together a basic sitemap using the Isometric Stencils, see upload. Is this the type of effect you were trying to achieve.

Visio Guy


You make the coolest diagrams! But I wonder if you walk around at 30 degrees to the direction you are traveling! :)
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I think I do.......

I am hooked on the isometric stencils and will attempt anything to, push the evelope, as my previous posting on isometrics shows, there is a great interest in the topic, I do beleive it was one of the most viewed postings.

It looks as if I may be made redundant in a couple of months time, so I may have more time to learn the subject, if it is possible to keep the grey matter going at my age, I think Visio an underused application as it is so versatile, as your work on 'Visio Guy' demonstates, and the isometric stencils adds another element to extend the application flexibility. 


For anyone still looking for an answer to the original poster's: the current website appears to be


wow ! how difficult was it, to make the text in an isometric box aligne to the isometric angle ? :o



FYI....basic shapes....right click for behaviors


By the way, here is a set of isometric fonts.
Would you please kindly read carefully the !license.txt
, in the unzipped files,
written by the auther of the source fonts.
They are included in the downloadable materials
in my homepage that frequently moved to another place.
I am very sorry for you inconvenience.
At the moment they are available in next url.

If you are working in Windows 7, select right-click menu "Install Fonts" on the isometric fonts, isomeleft or isomeright, then you can install isometric fonts.
Best Regards,

Junichi Yoda


June, Vojo, thank you for posting the link  and images, isometric views and text are very intriguing, I am considering how I may use isometrics in the future.


to be stuff is based on Junes....he figured out the key math on the cube....I ported to other shapes and added shading and light source.

What would really be intriguing (and I just have not had the time to poke at it) would be build say a cube with all 6 sides and use a reference point (on the page - shapesheet perhaps)
so that as the reference point changes the cube realigns ....sort of like Junes vanishing point stuff but more of a general usage - not confined to relatively "local" reference point.

I realize visio cant do 3D....not with a whole lot of new VBA....but it would be intriguing if we could get half way there.
(it would keep me from having to fire up sketchup all the time for that kind of behavior)
(I have slammed sketchup in the past....especially how unstable 7 was....but 8 seems to be more stable)
(still a stupid UI - definitely not thought through at the very least, since its all about key sequences, there should be a drop down or window to remind all the various sequences - but at least stable)


I had an non VBA solution which could revolve a cube or a pyramid, but in only one elevation..
I also had a 360 revolution of a tower but that involved VBA coding.. I will try to find or resurrect them.. I have experimented with sketchup also.. However good it may have been, I am restricted to the Visio product for what I do.