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Started by Sandbox University, April 30, 2024, 03:34:03 PM

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Sandbox University

Sorry if this has already been covered and my searching skills aren't up to finding it.  Is it possible from within the shape sheet to know if a connection point has anything connected to it?  I would like to use that information in other shape sheet function.

Thomas Winkel

This is not possible in the ShapeSheet but with code.
Read this thread:

Sandbox University

Thanks, Thomas Winkel!  It appears that you have brought me to the threshold of the dwelling of the White Rabbit (a reference to Alice in Wonderland for the uninitiated). Unfortunately, I have literally "0" experience with code and so I am going to have to devour a few episodes of VB for Dummies before I can actually cross that threshold and make use of it.  I appreciate the help; pretty much everything I know about using Visio I have learned from this forum...Cheers!


Did you explore the link provided?  There's code provided and sample files too.

Note:  Visio's object model has much uniqueness, command specific to Visio.  The best way to begin is to look at sample codes and to use macro recorder. 

To begin, you need to run Visio in developer mode:

And then be sure that Developer tab is visible in the ribbon:  show-the-developer-ribbon-tab-and-why/#:~:text=In%

Then, to see the VBA window, you may select it from Developer tab, or simply press <Alt> + <f11>. 

This video may be useful, albeit, almost 1 HR long.  Covers a lot.

Visio 2019 Pro

Sandbox University

Thanks, wapperdude.  I did start to explore, and I would like to be able to use VBA to expand what Visio can do for us. We do have Developer running and available so it's mostly a matter of jumping in the shallow end of the pool and building from there.  I appreciate the starting points you've given.


Feel free to ask questions.  I think the video will help establish a baseline. 
Visio 2019 Pro