Controlling Resizing in Multiple Grouped Shapes?

Started by Yaz, June 22, 2009, 05:32:56 PM

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Hi All,

This is my first time trying to make a custom shape in Visio and for my learning experience I'm trying to make a Process shape such as for a data flow diagram, similar to the middle portion of

So right now I have the drawing done, I've created the shape data and linked it to fields.  My problem is that I can't get it to resize how I want.  Right now my shape is a combination of three rectangles (top left, top right, bottom) which may not be the best way (?).  If I resize horizontally it works how I'd like (everything gets resized to scale).  If I resize vertically though everything gets resized as well but I'd like the two top rectangles to maintain the same height (unless somebody has a better solution).  As right now it certainly doesn't look great when it all stretches.


Visio Guy

Hi Yaz,

You need to manipulate the Pins, LocPins and Height of your sub-shapes.

This article will help:
A SmartShape is Worth 1000 Symbols

For instance, your Counter shape, you might do this (Sheet.1 is the group's ID, yours will be different)

Width = GUARD(Sheet.1!Width - Height)
Height = GUARD(0.125 in) ...or something relatively fixed

PinX = GUARD(Sheet.1!Width)
PinY = GUARD(Sheet.1!Height)

LocPinX = GUARD(Width*1.0)
LocPinY = GUARD(Height*1.0)

The GUARDs are most important for formulas that aren't in the form "Group.ID!WidthHeightPin * Fraction". Non-standard formulas in the Shape Transform section of sub-shapes will get blasted on copy if you don't GUARD them.
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Great, thanks for the quick reply.  I'll read over that article and practice a bit with it and what you put in your post and see how it goes :)


In addition to Visio Guy's answer, you might want to check this site which talks about working with text and controlling shape behavior with text:

Visio 2019 Pro


Paul Herber

Hi Yaz,
Just in case you wish to save a bit of time and effort (but for $20) in creating these shapes, we have created a set of  these shapes for SSADM (as well as Sarson-Gane) data flow diagrams for both metric as well as US units and now in 5 languages.
And they should resize the way you want them to!

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Thanks for all the help fellas.  Got these working properly, learnt a bunch I can use in the future as well that will be very useful.  Great site.