For 100 existing process flows,how to ensure one macro is accessible for all

Started by rsrikanth83, November 30, 2023, 06:15:50 PM

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For 100 existing process flows, how to ensure one macro is accessible for all the flows.

1. I have 100 existing process flows, where I need to add 3 custom layers

2. When I create a macro in visio, I get option to save either in Active Document or XFUNC_U.vssx.

3. When I save in XFUNC_U.vssx in visio # 1 and try to execute the macro in visio # 2, I dont see it appearing.

1. What am I missing and what should I do to ensure a macro created can be executed in all the 100 process flows.

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It would be useful to see the macro. There are so many reasons for a macro not to run as wanted.


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Put the code in a stencil, but not XFUNC_U.vssx, and you will need to use a macro-enabled stencil with the extension .vssm.
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Sounds like an improvement for the Super Utilities :)

Something like this:

Not necessarily online, just some "snippet" storage, callable with a key combination (or a ribbon button)
Without having to put those in a stencil.