Replacing Document Stencil Master

Started by TwoBeAss, March 25, 2024, 02:24:53 PM

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i have a quite complex mastershape that is still developing. Is there a way to replace the actual used stencil in the current document (and therefore all the linked instances of this master) to the newer version ?

For easier (non grouped) master shapes the "Change Shape" function is working, but for my main mastershape it is just greyed out...

Thanks for your support..



I do often replace shapes by other masters and they are grouped. Maybe you should find out why your's is grayed out.
What I noticed is that you can only replace 1D with 1D and vice versa. Otherwise you need to change it from one type to the other by code.


OK, thats strange.. I thought the grouping is the issue that it is greyed out..
Is it possible that shape protection is the reason ? I have several subshapes that were protected against deletion..