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Started by TwoBeAss, March 13, 2024, 09:03:44 PM

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is it possible to add a mastershape from the current stencil to the drawing in way regular shapes were drawn on the page ? I want to have the shape attached to the mouse pointer and place it with a click...


By code you can use the drop method.  Sample code:

Sub dropMstr()
    Dim StnName As String
    Dim MstrName As String
    Dim docStn As Visio.Document
    Dim vMstr As Visio.Master
    StnName = "BASFLO_U.vssx"
    MstrName = "Decision"
    Set docStn = Application.Documents(StnName) ' Stencil must be loaded.
    ActiveWindow.Page.Drop docStn.Masters.ItemU(MstrName), 5.5, 4.25

End Sub

This places shape at fixed location.  It's possible to parameterize these coordinates. 
(1) capture event of mouse click.  That's above my pay grade
(2) preselect a shape near where you want the drop.  Modify code to read PinX and PinY coordinates, add some offset, and use those values for drop location.
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This is what I actually do, but I have a custom ribbon with the ability to add a master shape and I thought it would be nice to have it available like a regular drawing function... But it seems not to be worth the effort ;)


Ah.  So that's what you meant!  You want the shape (or a link to it) to be on the GUI. 

Hmmm.  Never tried.  Never gave it thought.  Initial reaction, no cannot do it.  Main obstacle...shape must always exist and Visio is aware of it's existence.
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I can handle the existence of the shape, as the ribbon is just loaded if the master stencil loads... Actually i have a button that places the shape on the top left corner, but i would like it to be placed after a click...

Thomas Winkel

If the master is in the same stencil as your code you can do this:

Public Sub CopyMasterToClipboard()
End Sub

And then: right click -> paste