Working on a large flowchart in Visio 2016 and have lost my paging dropdown

Started by MsDinosaur, March 01, 2024, 07:20:45 PM

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I also no longer have a bar at the bottom with my latest pages.  It's now much more difficult to move around in the flowchart. 

I can still click in the page info at the bottom left (example:  Page 220 of 223) and choose a page.   Is this because Visio is breaking down due to the sheer size of my flowchart or did I inadvertently turn something off?   

I tried to search for similar problems but couldn't find anything. 

**NEVERMIND.  I had shrunk my Visio chart to a smaller size in order to also see the code at the same time and apparently that kills the page bar.  When I maximize the bar magically returns, LOL.


Glad to be of help.  We seem to do really well with self-solving problems!   :o ::)  ;D

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