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Started by sdkhotman, November 13, 2023, 01:00:03 PM

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Hi dear visioguy members,

I am working on aviation industries and I found approximately four years ago attached example. This template having that some feature especially the equipment list and wiring list can be extracted automatically. But my problem that i could not working proporly at this moment. I am also using Visio 2016. And also, I am requiring that alfanumeric character in parallel of numeric character. How I make on modification on the connector? Is there anybody help to me I really appreciate you


What is it that is not working?


Thank you so much for replying. My trouble is take a report. I am attaching one of screenshot in order to show my trouble. When I click report button I am getting that `There was an error generating the report. The report definition is invalid`. Why I am getting this caution.


Well I cannot say what is corrupt in your report definition, but it is easy to build a new one.
Do you have more details / how does the report look like?
- a report definition file
- or an old report as excel file (or an image at least)
- are there some fancy grouping and calculation features in the report?


You have this report on the tab called "Wiring Diagram".
This does not seem to be a built-in Visio tab, probably you have some third-party solution/product (add-in) installed to create wiring diagrams?


Downloaded your file.  Without doing anything else, GUI>Review>Shape Reports>Wire List, chose Excel format; created wirelist without errors, in Excel.

Running Win11, V2019 Pro, Office 10.
Visio 2019 Pro


Thank you very much for all answer. I will use this hint for next time :) I am also required your advice againg. My another question that is there any way to add alphanumeric character to the connector. In current design there is only numeric option. Is it possible to check for me


QuoteIn current design there is only numeric option.

By current design, you mean the Visio file that you provided?  What do you mean the connector is numeric only?

In the file you provided, the Dynamic connector associated with this "design" has a large amount of Shape Data built-in.  This Dynamic Connector is defined on the Document Stencil.  That connector, and all of it's properties, is the default connector.  When I drag and drop a connector from the GUI, that is the connector that gets placed.  I do not see a numeric only response.

Where did you get this design?

Visio 2019 Pro


what kind of visio extension are you using that you have the "wiring diagram" ribbon ?