Using surrogate shapes for Data Graphics

Started by aledlund, August 02, 2009, 09:31:07 PM

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A brief demo of using surrogate shapes for showing datagraphics.

Edit: these steps refer to the Visio document that you can download at the end of this entry.

The sample drawing should be clear with no shape data (custom
properties) assigned.

First we need some custom properties to support the data graphics:

1. Double click the first server in the rack - form opens
2. with Network selected in list - click addshapedata
3. click close - verify shape data has been applied

now we want to create our own data graphic:

4. toolbar - data => DisplayDataOnShape
5. create new data graphic - new item > text callout
   field = network name
   click OK
6. default position,
7. click OK
8. Apply graphic - click no
9. rename new graphic "dgNetwork"
10 close datagraphics window

now create a surrogate, move the target data to the surrogate,
apply our new data graphic to the surrogate

11. reselect server in step 1
12. put check mark in 'copytargetsd2dgh'
13. click 'adddatagraphichost'
14. ensure 'dgNetwork is selected - click 'add datagraphic'
15. click OK on 'apply to surrogate'
16. click close


This is a short video that includes an example of how a surrogate shape might be used in a prototype rack drawing application.

One reason this approach might be used is that the current datagraphic function applies a group of shapes to a master and uses the masters orientation on the page. So a vertically mounted component such as a blade or pci card would have the datagraphic rotated from the horizontal.
Another benefit as I demonstrate in the video is that I can have multiple surrogate shapes in use simultaneously for the same master.
Finally the use of color by value is reflected into the surrogate datagraphic and not into the master shape (useful when the master shape reflects one value and you want the datagraphic to show a different value).