Adding new shapes after refresh data from excel source

Started by WCTICK, December 04, 2023, 06:11:52 PM

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I have a Visio Org Chart that is linked to an Excel spreadsheet with Position Number being the unique identifier.

Since the last refresh, our company has gotten approval to add multiple new positions under an existing manager.  After performing the data refresh, the new rows show in external data, but are not linked to an existing shape in the chart since they are new.

I am having a difficult time trying to figure out how to get those new positions added to the org chart page the manager is currently on.

When I click on the external data row, containing a new row, that doesn't show the Link icon and try to drag it on the page, I get the message, "One or more of the shapes are already linked to a row in the same data source.  Would you like to continue and replace the existing Links?"

If I select yes, I don't see the shape added to the page.  If I search for the PN, which is contained in the shape text, it shows in a lighter background and then "disappears" after I close out the search window.

Can someone tell me how I can add the new data rows containing the new positions to the Org Chart and link the data so they will update if necessary when another refresh is performed?  Thanks!


I found if I copied/pasted an existing shape, I could then select an unlinked row and drop it on the copied shape and it would update with the correct shape text fields and shape data.