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Started by gyd, November 17, 2023, 01:27:23 PM

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Hi all

I'm struggling with something that should be a no brainer in my opinion.
I embedded an excel worksheet in my Visio drawing. Insert -> Object -> MS Excel Worksheet with the option "create new" (i.e. not using an existing excel file).
Now I can define my table as I want, filling in information in the cells I need. Once I'm done that's perfectly shown in Visio.
And here comes the problem:
when I open the worksheet again (by doubleclicking), it opens the worksheet in Excel. I can edit all information. OK so far.
Now when I add a row or a line, no matter if on the beginning, middle or end -> the last line/row goes lost, is no more displayed.

This does not happen when I embedd an existing file. In this case, I might have to close/open Visio then I do major changes to the linked file, but it always takes every changes into account.
But what I don't like with additional files is that you'll always have it to stick around with your Visio file...

Any solution for this? Is it just me?



With the Excel object open, hover the mouse over the center of either the bottom or right edges, the pointer will change to a double headed arrow, press left mouse button and drag to resize.  You can either grow or shrink the worksheet.

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