Using Visio Viewer as graphical input element

Started by Yacine, November 13, 2023, 03:14:34 PM

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Hi guys,
I may get a bigger project to develop and am already thinking about the features of the solution.
Amongst other modules there will be some project management, some categorizing, some resource planing. Which leads to gantt chats, pie charts, load curves over time, trees, etc.
A lot of control elements, hard to configure, to get, ...
And amongst the infinity of software solutions there is of course Visio with its smartshapes, that I could use to gather information, instead of using for the final output only.
The idea is to use the Visio viewer as input tool to populate tables. The main program would be a simple Access database.

Does anyone have any experience with the subject, known pitfalls, ideas?

The first problems to solve.
- How to work with templates,
- stencils
- background pages



Alright, forget about it.
The viewer is really a viewer, not an editor.
I can still use Visio, but not embedded in Access.