Custom Data Graphics - can they only be distributed with a template?

Started by Visisthebest, November 05, 2023, 05:58:37 PM

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From what I can find about making custom data graphics, it seems they cannot be distributed via a stencil (or in other ways to separate them out from a Visio diagram file) but only in a diagram template made from the Visio files in which the custom data graphics were created?

Is this a definite limitation or am I overlooking something?
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Hmm if you just create a new stencil, and drop a shape there that is using custom data graphics, you could use that shape from a blank new diagram.

I've just downloaded the drawing from the article below, and dropped the "PC" shape to a new stencil (it's using a custom data graphics called "Backup Type").

Seems to be usable in a new document.


Thank you Nikolay that is also a useful way to move custom data graphics from one document to another!
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