How to group two objects without creating one object?

Started by ilovekorn, November 09, 2023, 08:04:47 PM

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Hello! :)
I am trying to create a similar I/O point shape that can be found in "Maps and Floor Plans" -> "Building Plan" -> "HVAC Controls".

The current issue that I am running into is that I don't know how they grouped the "I/O Point".
Because when I group, it becomes one object and I do not get any type of similar option in the drop down menu.

See below.
What I am referring to:

What it looks like when I try to group:

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Seems to work fine for me.  Tried using connector or line shape.  Both responded as expected.

What version Visio are you using?
Visio 2019 Pro


That thing is a smart shape.
Analyzing it, you'll see that it has no geometry section of its own, but subshapes that do the graphics.
In essence building up such a shape involves:
1) setting the behavior of the parent shape, particularly defining it as a group. In your case you' ll want it to be a 1D shape.
2) you would then open the group and insert the subshapes and define their relations to the parent (when to show up, how to behave, etc.)

If you're completely new to shapesheets, that may be a challenge. But I promise it's worth it.
When you're ready for specific questions, we guys will be happy to help.

Meanwhile, try putting Visio in developer mode and switch the drawing explorer on.


Thanks for your responses. I am relatively new to shapesheets, but I will love to learn more.
I am running Microsoft® Visio® Plan 2 MSO (Version 2310 Build 16.0.16924.20054) 32-bit.

Where is the section for the behavior of the parent shape, and how do I define it as a group?
I want to be able to create similar groups to this where it has the same type of drop down.

Thank you! :D ;D
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Converting a connector into a group is simple. In the "Home" menu, "Arrange" section, there is a "Group" dropdown. When the connector is selected, click on "Convert to group".

But I don't understand what you mean by "the same type of drop down".


QuoteWhere is the section for the behavior of the parent shape, and how do I define it as a group?
The shapesheet doesn't work that way.  Whatever shape you click on, the entire shapesheet belongs to that shape.  If you create some Shapedata, for example, it belongs to that shape.  If you want the parent shape to affect a child shape, you can either identify the child and push the info from the parent into the specified child, or, from child shapesheet, you can identify the parent and pull info from parent into the child.  Note, these "pushing or pulling" processes are applicable to any 2 shapes, not just grouped shapes.

Here are some references:
General shapesheet reference:

Specific shapesheet topics:

Excellent Visio overview:
This provides good baseline description of Visio, applicable to all versions.  Obviously, it does not include new features that updated object models provide.  But this is the foundation for how things are done.

@Yacine:  I believe that refers to the dropdown Shapedata window.

Visio 2019 Pro


Wow, thank you for the PDF!   8)
And that makes sense. I will need to play around with it more and see where it gets me.
I feel like this has such a learning curve.
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