OCR for flowchart diagrams on paper

Started by Visisthebest, September 13, 2023, 09:58:19 AM

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A customer has a whole set of old flowcharts printed on A3 that are branching and sometimes multi-line. They are well-made and logical.

The question is:

1. I want to scan them with an A3 scanner, to create hi res images for OCR.

2. Read the images in to an OCR solution that stores the order of the flowchart in the (text) output of the OCR software.

This output can be very simple, it could be just bullets and when the flowchart branches there are sub-bullets in the text for the branches.

(there are only very few cases where multiple branches flow back in to a single branch, do not mind adding/correcting this by hand later).

Is there OCR software that does this well, or can be configured to do this?

Another data format (JSON?) is also fine, the point is to be able to recreate the flowchart from the OCR output.
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