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Started by ethelberttaylo, July 14, 2023, 10:50:31 AM

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I like to put rectangles and have the corners snap only to visible lines. I have looked at View->Visual aids->General and put a check in the currently active snap and the snap to grid. When I drag rectangles around, I can leave them on locations that arethe grid lines and also locations that are not the grid lines. Is there a way to make it go only on the grid lines?

Also, the quantity of grid lines change as I zoom in and out. Is there a way to force them to be always the same distance in mm apart?



align ==> snap to grid

There is also a more manual way...I have to dig up
If I recall, its something like

user.x = setatref(pinx, rounddn(pinx,0))
basically, it gets current pinx and rounds it down  to integer  then place result back in pinx

user.y = setatref(piny,rounddn(piny,0))



Couple additional points...
In the Visual Aids section, you may want to deselect the Ruler snap to option, or, open the Advanced tab and set it's strength to be 0 or very small.

Now, expand the Show section to bring up the Ruler & Grid menu window.  You can change the Horizontal and Vertical Grid spacing using the pull-down menus.  There is choice to set to Fixed.  You must also set the Minimum Spacing to be something other than zero.

Don't believe there are any additional, pertinent settings.
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