New shape with boolean visible on/off feature

Started by Intervivos, June 16, 2023, 05:40:11 PM

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Good morning everyone,

Just recently i saw a Visio video on youtube here I really liked the table that he should with boolean tabs that turned on a attached shape connected to the table. I would like to do this but not sure how to begin. I would like it to be a container with a text heading in the top left had field, than have somewhere around the box different shapes that can be turned on or off visually for users. See attached image. I would like for the 3 circle shapes to be able to be selected to turn on/off for visual appearance.



This my video contain more details.
Also I prepared another video in Russian language, you can watch it with sub-titles in your language...


Thanks, I figured it out doing a bit more digging, created a new set of Icons using custom shapes for the symbols, than I added it to a container and forced it to be a container with a data graphics over top of it, allowing for a on drop question to be asked if the site has any of the 3 pieces of equipment. With the option for the shape sheet data to change them on/off for future upgrades at each site. But had to kill the data graphics auto sizing addition to the user-defined properties to keep the container from resizing from the data graphics.