Stuck in <GROUP>, drawing pages inaccessible

Started by eric_the_red, March 13, 2023, 11:10:42 PM

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So I was editing my background title page which has a custom L-scape frame. Saved my file while I was in there and accidently closed my file and not the group.  When I re-opened the file, it re-opens to the <group> editor and I cannot close the group to get back to my pages.
If I select 're-order pages' I can see all 6-pages of my drawing, and can re-arrange them, but cannot get to them.
All jump-to-page tools are grayed out.
No page tabs at the bottom
Switch windows only shows the <GROUP>
I tried making a new page, but all it does is make a new page in the group rather than a regular Visio page.
All efforts to google this only show two solutions and I have tried both.



1. Could you tell what two solutions you tried?
2. I wonder if this group window could be closed by means of a macro. Alt-F11 to get the VBA IDE.
Then: Application.ActiveWindow.Close
Or activate another window by : Application.Windows.ItemEx("Zeichnung1").Activate


Quote from: Yacine on March 14, 2023, 07:09:40 AMThen: Application.ActiveWindow.Close
Urgent: Sometimes users close all windows (including the document itself). The window within the group is the only window. This option can close the document without saving.


This actually worked, ISSUE RESOLVED!!!!

1. Open drawing in Visio

2. Press Shift + F11 to create new page - when prompted for page type click Cancel

3. Pres Ctrl + PageUp and you will see your drawing page (not group page).

4. Save drawing. Close Visio. Reopen drawing and it should be OK


Quote from: eric_the_red on March 14, 2023, 03:40:57 PM2. Press Shift + F11 to create new page - when prompted for page type click Cancel
This step may differ for different visio versions! (proof)