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Started by Vaslo, June 10, 2009, 06:12:48 PM

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Hi everyone,

A quick question, and maybe I'll need VBA to do this.

I'm using Visio to create process maps for my department.  In some maps, there are subprocesses.  Here is what I am trying do do:

I have map A.  When I click on an off-page reference, it drills down to map B.  When I click on the reference on Map B, it takes me back immediately A.  That sounds easy enough.  However, Map B is also is a subprocess of maps C, D, E, etc.  So when you click on the "reference" on map B to return it to the previous process it came from, it can only link to one possible page.

To be clear, here are some things I am thinking of and things that won't work:

-A pulldown menu is lousy for my users because with 50 maps in the document, they don't always remember which map they came from.
-Multiple references (or multiple shapes that reference multiple maps) are bad not only because they hog up space, but again because the user may not remember where they came from.
-My idea is basically, click on shape in Map A, go to map B.  Upon clicking on some "start" or "end" shape, go back to the map we just came or drilled down from, so that B can be linked to from many processes.

None of us, including a guy who is pretty good with Visio, can seem to figure this out.

Thanks in advance for your help!!



You could try something like the attached example, catching the page turn events to build up a history of the page turns. I've added a back command button to each page, although you could do this with a shape or tool bar entry etc.

Hopefully will give you a few ideas.
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Nice solution.  Works well with off page references.
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