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Started by bigbrads, June 04, 2009, 02:23:54 PM

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as far as i can see dimensions of say a wall are taken from externally, can i get internal aswell or instead without drawing a line and adding a dimension?
thanks in advance


The dimensioning extends between the two connection points.  (The wall is fundamentally a 1-D shape.)  When you use the wall shape, you need to be consistent in your approach.  That is, either keep the connection points always on the interior side of the structure or always on the exterior side.  Mixing the them throws the wall size off -- Visio compensates for wall thickness.  Also, "T"  structures tend to be a bit of a problem.

You might want to check out this site:  From that site, here is a note:
7.)  Add dimension lines to walls.
        >>  Right-click a wall, and then click Add a Dimension.
        >>  Reposition the dimension lines and dimension text by dragging a control handle (yellow diamond).
             Note   To see a tip about a control handle for a selected shape, pause the pointer over the handle.

       >>  If you add a dimension to a wall, you can resize the wall by selecting the dimension shape, typing the dimension you want, and then clicking away from the dimension shape.

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