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Started by along, March 02, 2023, 08:28:59 AM

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As a long-time user of Visio for over 15 years, I have designed my own shapes and macros, and consider myself a bit of a power user. Nevertheless, I have struggled to achieve optimal snapping and gluing settings. In light of this, I would greatly appreciate any insight or support from seasoned power users who have successfully resolved similar challenges. If possible, could you kindly share a screenshot or provide details of your "snap strength" settings that have proven effective? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated and I am thankful in advance for your time and consideration.

Thanks in advance!



I am 25 year Visio user. About decade ago, I discovered that Visio 2010 has the ability to change snap strength settings.
I also tried to find my own optimal settings, but without success!


Here are my settings. They work "quite often".
When not I adjust the snapping options to the requirements at the time with a custom toolbar.


Thanks! and the custom toolbar is a great idea!

Paul Herber

Snap and Glue settings are something that should be settable on a per-document basis. Different types of diagram can often need very different settings. This would be a useful change MS could make to Visio, compared to all the other useless changes that they make.
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