How to keep a themed shape's styling while decoupling shape from theme settings

Started by Visisthebest, February 20, 2023, 12:26:10 PM

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I have an interesting challenge for the Visio experts (ninjas!) on the forum:

I would like to get a shape to always retain its current design, which is partly derived from the current theme settings, while becoming resistant to any theme changes, effectively creating a static copy of the shape's styling that no longer dynamically changes when the page's theme is changed.

This shape should look the same whatever the current theme and no matter to which page it is copied.

How can I achieve this? Thank you for sharing your insights!
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So far, all Ive discovered is painful...
Clearly, the Lock properties don't work.

What did work was to open shapesheet, enable show values rather than formulas, scroll to the Line and Fill Format sections.  Then, in each cell that needs to be locked, enter guard function and the value, e.g. Guard(RGB(230,107,45)).   All of it requires manual entry.
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Thank you Wapperdude, with some VBA copying over the values from a cell and overwriting the formula of that same cell with the value may be a good solution to achieve this!
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This was also my idea. Tackle it with brute force.
Iterate over all possible sections, rows and columns whilst using their numbers (CellSRC) and catching the errors for non-existing ones.
For each cell retrieve the formula. If it contains "THEMEVAL" or "THEMEGUARD" replace by ResultIU using FormulaForce.

You may limit the sections to really relevant ones.